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Why Kashish Duggal was apprehensive about playing classical dance teacher in 'Suhaagan'

Author : IANS

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Mumbai, June 24 (IANS) Actress Kashish Duggal has opened up about her character in the show 'Suhaagan', sharing her mixed emotions when offered the role of a classical dance teacher and expressing apprehension due to her lack of formal dance training.

Kashish, who was last seen in 'Aangan Aapno Kaa', feels blessed to be working again soon after the end of one of her shows.

Speaking about her role, she said: "In this show, I am playing the character of Prabha, a classical dance teacher to the girl protagonist and the mother of the boy protagonist. As the story unfolds, we will get to explore the various shades of Prabha's character, revealing more depth and complexity."

"It's a role I'm very excited about, although it's still early to comment on all the nuances of the character. I'm looking forward to this new journey and am grateful for the continued support from my fans and the incredible teams I get to work with," she shared.

Kashish went on to say, "When I was offered the role of Prabha, a classical dance teacher, I had mixed emotions. Dance is the essence of my life and the reason I ventured into television. Many people say I am very expressive on the dance floor. Although I felt excited about the opportunity, I was also apprehensive because I am not formally trained in dance."

"Dance comes naturally to me in a freestyle manner. I have always wanted to learn different dance forms, but my busy schedule has made this difficult. I am eagerly looking forward to portraying this character and acquiring some classical dance skills," shared Kashish.

The show has taken a leap of 20 years, and they recently roped in actors Pragati Choursiya, Akshay Kharodia, and Dhwani Gori as the second-generation leads.

It earlier starred Garima Kishnani as Bindiya, Sakshi Sharma as Payal, and Raghav Thakur as Krishna.

The new era of this marital drama has Dhwani stepping into Swara's life as her voice after she loses her speech and parents as a child. However, Dhwani's true colours bleed through, and she vows to claim all that belongs to Swara.

'Suhaagan' airs on Colors.



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