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Historical Event on 12/3/1948

Surendra Pratap Singh, famous journalist and chief editor of Navbharat Times, was born.

Other Historical Dates and Events
2/23/1969Madhubala, famous Hindi film actress, passed away.
12/31/1965Sivaramakrishan Laxman, right-hand batsman and leg break bowler, was born in Madras.
7/31/1985Lalit Maken, Congress (I) M.P, his wife and a visitor at their residence in Delhi were shot down by terrorists.
8/22/1987Aircraft carrier ship of Indian Navy 'Virat' joined in fleet.
2/16/1923Vishnu Moreshwar Mahajani, famous author, poet and playwright, passed away.
2/28/1919Sunderlal Khurana, great politician and journalist, was born.
12/25/1846Swati Tirunal Ramavarma passed away.
8/10/1992Ram Niwas Mirdha appointed Chairman of the JPC on scam.
11/21/1970Sir Chandrasekhar Venkata Raman, great Indian physicist, passed away early morning at Bangalore, Karnataka. His work was influential in the growth of science in India. He was the recipient of the 1930 Nobel Prize for Physics for the 1928 discovery now called Raman scattering which is a change in frequency observed when light is scattered in a transparent material. When monochromatic or laser light is passed through a transparent gas, liquid, or solid and is observed with the spectroscope, the normal spectral line is associated with it lines of longer and of shorter wavelength and this is called the Raman spectrum. Thus the Raman effect is applied in spectrographic chemical analysis and in the determination of molecular structure.
4/22/1993Air India engineers call off their 56-day-old strike.