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Historical Event on 5/17/1996

Four members (Sange Sherpa, Hira Ram, Tashi Ram, Nadre Sherpa) of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police expedition climb Mount Everest from the Chinese side.

Other Historical Dates and Events
12/10/1978Mother Teresa is awarded the Nobel Peace prize.
4/23/1955Political Committee of Asian-African Conference at Bandung adopted an Indian resolution calling for a ban on atomic weapons.
3/28/1963First meeting of the National Aeronautical Laboratory Executive Council held under the chairmanship of J R D Tata.
2/20/1846Duleep Singh was recognised as the ruler. British captured Lahore.
9/29/1914Japanese vessel 'Kamagata Maru' reached Baj Baj near Calcutta from Vancouver carrying Indian revolutionaries.
7/6/1930Balmurlikrishna, famous singer, was born.
11/24/1963Marotrao Kannamwar, former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, passed away.
12/26/1917Prabhakar Machve, famous Hindi and Marathi litterateur, was born.
9/29/1997IRS-1D, fourth Indian Remote Sensing satellite, successfully launched off by PSLV-CI, the country's first operational polar satellite launch vehicle, from Sriharikota. With this launch, India became a member of the exclusive club of nations capable of launching the heavier class of satellites.
11/5/1996Narashima Rao, former PM, refused bail in St. Kitts forgery case.
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