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Historical Event on 5/17/1993

Ravi Naik, Goa CM, resigns; Dy. CM Wilfred D'Souza elected to succeed.

Other Historical Dates and Events
1/23/1976Gautam Buddha's lost city of Kapilavastu was found in an excavation.
1/8/1927The first scheduled London-Delhi flight arrives after 63 hrs. Air Minister Sir Samuel Hoare is on board.
1/15/1921Babasaheb Anantrao Bhosle, eighth Chief Minister of Maharashtra, was born.
8/9/1965Pakistan chose to persist while the Indian Army Corps on the ceasefire line got down to neutralizing the Gibraltar Force. As a first step, main infiltration routes were blocked and Pakistan was forced out of the Haji Fir bulge (known to them as Bedori).
1/21/1963East German party Congress ends; Ulbricht, with Soviet support, condemns Chinese invasion of India at Berlin.
9/14/1971Tarashankar Bandopadhyay, famous Bengali litterateur, died.
5/23/1984Bachendri Pal, an employee of Tata Iron and Steel Co. Limited at Jamshedpur, conquers the summit of Mount Everest to become the first Indian woman and the fifth women in the world to achieve this feat.
5/23/1998L. K. Advani, Home Minister, is to look after J&K affairs.
10/28/1962US pledges to rush arms to India.
7/7/1997Armed Kuki militants shot dead 25 persons and injured five seriously in an attack on Paites village in Manipur.
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