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Historical Event on 5/17/1992

Import of 106 life-saving drugs and 37 equipments allowed.

Other Historical Dates and Events
10/5/1868Laxmi Narayan Barua, Assamia novelist, was born.
6/9/1900Birsa Munda, freedom fighter and leader, died in Ranchi Jail.
12/12/1991Violence in Karnataka over the centre's notification on Cauvery.
10/23/1970If India's ""vasectomy fairs"" had hawkers, they might cry, ""Come one, come all & all one billion."" India faces a population of one billion by the year 2000. To hold down that number, the government offered money ($13 to each man) and gifts (a sari for his wife) to those willing to be sterilized. Thirteen dollars was more than three times what an average village worker can earn in one month. In December, a fair held at Kerala attracted 15,000 men. Just seven months later, a fair in the same town received 63,000. Doctors operated in ten-hour
4/29/1939Netaji resigned from the Congress and established his own party, the Forward Block and created a political deadlock in India.
4/13/1963Babu Gulab Rai, famous hindi critic, passed away.
9/25/1997BAI-IBC dispute resolved.
5/14/1976Pakistan and India agree to resume diplomatic ties.
11/30/1909Ramesh Chandra died.
7/21/1930Anand Bakshi, famous lyrisist, was born.
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